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Walkman Clamshells in New Shells W980 & W380

Yepp! It’s 2 Walkman Clamshell in new colours this time. W980 in two variants which I really like though, looks even better on the real thing. And another flavour of W380 in nice and lovely feminine appeal form.

W980 Opera Brown

W980 Violin Red

W380 Blushing Silver



Unknown SE Phone – The K750 True Successor?

I just found out about this phone and didn’t even know about it codename just yet. I also don’t have any images of the phone to spur you with, because I barely get a glimpse of it. but there are some interesting info about this phone though.

  • 5 Mega pixel camera with AF
  • Xenon flash
  • Outter lens cover like the one on K770 with inner one looks like K850’s ( I don’t really know how it works)
  • Small and slim (not as slim as C902 though)
  • Bigger screen than C902 (probably 2.2″)
  • Some body say it sort of remind them of K750
  • Should be Candy Bar form

I’ll be update real soon if I got any more info, thanks for reading.

T280 in New Flavours; Almost Eatable!

Once again new colours of phones from Sony Ericsson. It’s fashion minded low-end phone T280 this time,  with 2 new colours. With very light and sort of feminine look. (reminded me of some candies (-; )

Let’s begin with T280 Firmanent Blue (these people can’t think of normal word like sky aren’t they)


and now T280 Blossom Pink

thank you for reading I’ll try to post pictures of other models asap


C702 & G502 in New Colours (with pics)

As I already mentioned about this couple times, I’ll start posting some more pics about these phones now.

Let’s start with G502 in Cererity Red

and C702 in Energy Black


More Info on Kumiko & Eian

I recently read many discussions about my posts on Kumiko & Eian and this post just to clarify some info a bit.

The picture in the post about Eian is actually not Eian (which I don’t have the device itself and any real pic in hand just yet) It just G705 in orange to make it looks like Walkman to correspond with the story.

About the Java Platform, after got my hands on both C905 and G705 the two have the same info and appear to be JP 8.4 (at least on my devices) the picture below is from Kumiko


Sony Ericsson Phone in New Bottle – New Colours for Walkman/Cyber-shot/UIQ

As I already mentioned the other day about lots and lots of new colour version are coming to various SE offerings and I’ll covered it in this post today.

  • C702/Ning: Energy Black
  • K770/Victoria: Touch of Pink
  • W380/Lena: Blushing Silver
  • G502/Emelie: Celerity Red
  • C902/Alona: Cinnamon Bronze & Titanium Silver
  • W350/Johanna: Turbo Red & Wisteria Purple
  • W980/Madonna: Violin Red & Opera Brown
  • W910/Shinobu: Lipstick Pink & Prime Silver
  • G900 will come in new version for Chinese market as G900c featuring 2.5G GSM(instead of 3G) and Chinese keypad
unfortunately I don’t have detailed pictures just yet but you can get some ideas of these phones from the picture below (I’ll update with bigger picture asap)

‘Eian’ New Sony Ericsson Walkman Slider Leaked

The other phone I recently found information and will cover here is  Eian (as the title of this post suggests). Eain is actually Kumiko’s Sister.

Design wise, the control key (soft key/navi and those stuffs grouped together) looks like those found on lastest Walkman line, familiar three overlaped circles (like W890/W980/W902 and so on). Also the front of Eian utilise glossy material that will be huge fingerprint magnet. 

Sadly, I’ve yet to discovered the differences of hardware specs between the two though.

[update 29-08-08] as some  body wondering about the pic above, it is actually not Eian. It just G705 in orange to make it looks like Walkman to correspond with the story.