‘Eian’ New Sony Ericsson Walkman Slider Leaked

The other phone I recently found information and will cover here is  Eian (as the title of this post suggests). Eain is actually Kumiko’s Sister.

Design wise, the control key (soft key/navi and those stuffs grouped together) looks like those found on lastest Walkman line, familiar three overlaped circles (like W890/W980/W902 and so on). Also the front of Eian utilise glossy material that will be huge fingerprint magnet. 

Sadly, I’ve yet to discovered the differences of hardware specs between the two though.

[update 29-08-08] as some  body wondering about the pic above, it is actually not Eian. It just G705 in orange to make it looks like Walkman to correspond with the story.


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