More Info on Kumiko & Eian

I recently read many discussions about my posts on Kumiko & Eian and this post just to clarify some info a bit.

The picture in the post about Eian is actually not Eian (which I don’t have the device itself and any real pic in hand just yet) It just G705 in orange to make it looks like Walkman to correspond with the story.

About the Java Platform, after got my hands on both C905 and G705 the two have the same info and appear to be JP 8.4 (at least on my devices) the picture below is from Kumiko


3 Responses to “More Info on Kumiko & Eian”

  1. 1 DaMan
    Monday 1 September,2008 at 8:44 am

    Hello, I didnt catch if the G705 has a touch screen? I would love to go for the G models cause I like touch screen, bigger screen (owning K750i now) ad ability to be used for websurfing on the move (so WiFi connection and EDGE). Also I like the handwritten notes :). Does G705 have these features? Thank you very much for reply.

  2. 2 K3vin Tay1or
    Tuesday 2 September,2008 at 1:56 pm

    G Series from SE could be touch screen and smart phone like G700 and G900 but internet minded feature phone without touch screen like G502 could be part of the line as well. G705 is actually fall on latter kind of Generation Web phone from SE. As of now you can probably find touch screen phone from SE ranging from the two G Series I mentioned above and probably the twins of P1i and W960i or even older models in some markets.

  3. 3 DaMan
    Sunday 7 September,2008 at 9:23 am

    Thanks for reply, I am well aware of the models offering touch screen as of now. The G700 and G900 are great products, although I like G700 more. I like that UIQ is masked as a nonOS phone. What I dont like, becuase of specifics in Czech Republic, is that it doesnt has EDGE (and WiFi would be also nice). And surfing on GPRS is a pain in the ass :). Thanks and have a nice day, we will have much more info on this phone this monday as far as I know.

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