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more pics of Rika (in Red)

The Walkman version of G705 spotted again, and it’s in red version this time. Sounds like it take some cue from T700 in terms of colours and trim. I don’t know if I like how it’s look though, kinda like Kumiko (G705) a bit better.


from seclub


Sony Ericsson Picture Frame Previewed on Video

Remember the long rumour accessory from Sony Ericsson, the IDP-100 digital photo frame that SE just announce not very long ago? got their hands on the thing and just presented us with some nice vids.


via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog


SE MBW-150 Classic Edition in New Colour Variant

On the 24th of September Sony Ericsson also announced new version of MBW-150. It’s MBW-150 Classic Edition in brown colour.

thanks to SEMC Blog


SE GreenHeart Concept Phone @ New Lund HQ

Over at, they have posted some info about their trips to new SE’s head quarter in Lund, Sweden. Where they present many new stuffs including the ability to communicate for IP-based mobile phones, several NFC applications and a new way of file transfer by contact of a device with another device or laptop. As well as its GreenHeart programme. Part of that is the handset that made of bio- or recycled plastic, The “Zero Charger” which  has a switch to ensures that when you unplug the phone charger actually goes out and only 1% of the electricity consumed in comparison to other chargers plugged remain useless, using online manual and documents and also drop point for useless phone up for recycling is all the things SE try to do in order to hook up with the main stream of environmentally concern.

I also found the pic of a box for tossing your old phones (thanks to These same kind of box have been place in many countries like India, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore USA and Mexico.


New Bluetooth Accessory is Coming, MBS-900???


I just got some evidence suggesting existence of SonyEricsson’s new bluetooth audio accessory, some sort of bluetooth speaker to be exact.

and then I found some interesting info that maybe talk about the same thing from Shiny Shiny, which are

  • 2.1 Audio system with subwoofer
  • OLED Display
  • Ability to pair with up to 5 devices
  • FM Radio
  • Bass & Treble Control
  • Touch Control
The information I found is just the name of this device and something about its price (around €250) and since MBS-400 offer some of the functionality mentioned above, it made sense to me that this could be MBS-900 (that I recently heard of). So that just my guess, only time will tell if I am wrong or not or maybe someone else do know more, anyone?

New 5 MP Cyber-shot from Sony Ericsson

As I already mention about this phone before, here

And now I have some more bits of this monster to share with you this time. So let’s have a look.


Sadly enough, I’m yet to know its code name, but I do know something about the inside of this beast.

  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Xenon Flash (as you can see)
  • A bit thicker than C902
  • No GPS
  • EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA (at least)
  • No frontal camera for video calling
  • Light Sensor
  • Switch button between Still & Video as well as a button to access gallery of images you just taken
  • Sony Ericsson’s Java Platform 8.4
  • ‘Smile Shutter’ but lack of ‘Smart Contrast’ (I don’t know if this subject to change)
that’s it for today, I’ll post some more info asap. Thanks for reading.

SonyEricsson New Bluetooth Watch

Remember SEMC Blog leaked “Stainless steel, chrome finish and crocodile leather“? Yes? Today Sony Ericsson presented it to us! It’s Bluetooth Watch Collection MBW-200. Collection include: elegant watches MBW-200 Contemporary Elegance, classic watches MBW-200 Evening Classicand very beautiful watches MBW-200 Sparkling Allure. Remember collection MBW-150, that Sony Ericsson announced more than one year ago? MBW-200 is same collection, designed specially for women. First and second watches also can buy mens. MBW-200 – water resistant watches with Auto-pairing™ and long battery time. MBW-200 has small OLED-display, where you can find battery indicator, time/date and mobile number of calling person. And now more about this collection.

more pictures and info can be found at SEMC Blog