More Live Pics of SonyEricsson C905/W595/F305

Over at SE-Society.com there are lots of fresh pictures of F305/W595/C905 that I’ll post some of them here.



more pics of F305 click



more pics of W595 click



C905 Sample Pics


more pics of C905 w/ Sample pics click


2 Responses to “More Live Pics of SonyEricsson C905/W595/F305”

  1. Sunday 7 September,2008 at 12:30 pm

    i am from SEMCBlog, maybe you know it, and i like your Blog very much! This Blog is great! Maybe you can upload the original Themes of F305,C905 and W595?

    Thanks mate.


  2. 2 K3vin Tay1or
    Sunday 7 September,2008 at 3:31 pm

    Thanks Tobi

    I’ll probably do that asap. But for F305 I don’t know if it’ll fit with other SE phone cuz it’s Sagem from the inside and I’m yet to try that out.

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