New SE Phone in 2009

There’s only couple months left for this year and there’re many rumour threads still running in the wild.

My last post about new Cyber-shot. It’s not Kate as many have speculated. If I am right, it’s codename is Filippa. Kate on the other hand is another phone that feature 3G and 3.2 MP camera with LED Flash.

Filippa as well as Kate and Rika will be availble in Q1 of next year and will retail for about 300 EUR (Filippa) 170 EUR (Kate).

Last, You can also expect W350 successor and None Cyber-shot 8MP  in 2009.


4 Responses to “New SE Phone in 2009”

  1. Wednesday 8 October,2008 at 6:03 pm

    “None” as in none or as in typo?

  2. 2 K3vin Tay1or
    Wednesday 8 October,2008 at 7:54 pm

    Xell, I’ve heard about a 8MP phone without cyber-shot brand

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