Up coming low-end Walkman phone

Another copy and paste from SE. It’s F305 this time. So, if you remember the gaming phone, you’ll have some ideas of how this new Walkman phone will be.

It’s a small low-end Walkman in slide form factor. You can also expect stereo speaker and same sets of feature of F305 like camera and bluetooth, with special touch of Walkman player and using Walkman key instead of Game key. It will also feature changeable face plate (like F305). I do not know how many colour of this device SE will produce, but I know the existance of the purple one.

[update] as SEMCBlog pointed out, this Walkman usign ‘Yao’ as its codename. (Ying is F305 codename)

[update] another thing I forgot to tell you though, Yao doesn’t have two short cut keys above its screen (O and X key on F305)


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