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SE GreenHeart Concept Phone @ New Lund HQ

Over at, they have posted some info about their trips to new SE’s head quarter in Lund, Sweden. Where they present many new stuffs including the ability to communicate for IP-based mobile phones, several NFC applications and a new way of file transfer by contact of a device with another device or laptop. As well as its GreenHeart programme. Part of that is the handset that made of bio- or recycled plastic, The “Zero Charger” which  has a switch to ensures that when you unplug the phone charger actually goes out and only 1% of the electricity consumed in comparison to other chargers plugged remain useless, using online manual and documents and also drop point for useless phone up for recycling is all the things SE try to do in order to hook up with the main stream of environmentally concern.

I also found the pic of a box for tossing your old phones (thanks to These same kind of box have been place in many countries like India, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore USA and Mexico.


New UI maybe New Life for UIQ

Just found some nice pics from UIQ Official Web stated some concept of UIQ UI. They are very interesting and pretty and well iPhone-ish kind of thing.

and you can find a bit more pics on UIQ Official Web

alos check out these cool vids of the new concept!