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Opera Mobile 9.5 Finally come to UIQ (in beta)

Opera one of the finest browser available (it’s my browser of choice actually) and it is also browser of choice for UIQ platform. Now the best Opera Mobile have hit UIQ after WinMo. Later is better than never right?

you can go ahead and give Opera Mobile 9.5b1 a try here


More Info on Kumiko & Eian

I recently read many discussions about my posts on Kumiko & Eian and this post just to clarify some info a bit.

The picture in the post about Eian is actually not Eian (which I don’t have the device itself and any real pic in hand just yet) It just G705 in orange to make it looks like Walkman to correspond with the story.

About the Java Platform, after got my hands on both C905 and G705 the two have the same info and appear to be JP 8.4 (at least on my devices) the picture below is from Kumiko


New UI maybe New Life for UIQ

Just found some nice pics from UIQ Official Web stated some concept of UIQ UI. They are very interesting and pretty and well iPhone-ish kind of thing.

and you can find a bit more pics on UIQ Official Web

alos check out these cool vids of the new concept!