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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – unboxing

It’s almost there. What we waiting for months(almost a year though). First WinMo powered phone from SE.

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SE W902 Get Unboxed

We are now toward the very end of the third quarter of 2008. And it is almost time for this high-end Walkman to get in hands of consumers.

W902 is basically C902 with beefier body (cut on the metal part, this device is mostly plastic) a tad bigger screen (2.0″ compare to 2.2″) and better in box stuffs.

Let us take a look what packed in its box. (Special thanks to our friends over at



the box looks a lot like what we found as part of W980 package – the black box  with control key on the front and picture of the device on the other side.

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